Dylan Minnettee Teases 13 Reasons Why Season 2!

No official date has been set for the release for season 2 of ’13 Reasons Why’ and the cast and
producers are leaving all the fans in suspense about what would happen in the next season.

Star of the Netflix series, Dylan Minnette was excited to drop a few details on what you can expect on
’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2. Here are the clues.

Clay is still recovering from the emotional aftermath of Hannah’s death.

Although, Clay got some sort of closure in the season one finale, he’s still not over the past events of
that season.


We get to learn more about Hannah’s life.

Most fans thought ’13 Reasons Why’ should not have a second season. But after Dylan saw the scripts of
it, he realized why it was essential to have second season happen.


There might not be any more new Clay and Hannah scenes.

There’s a chance there will be only a few flashbacks between Clay and Hannah but Dylan mentioned
that fans can learn more about the story between Hannah and Clay’s relationship.


The Season will feature more and new flashbacks with Hannah and her other classmates.

Dylan teased that there’ll be more scenes of Hannah with her friends who will be new characters we
haven’t seen before. There could even be flashbacks of the others than having either Hannah or Clay
featured in them.


Clay and Skye could have many scenes this season.

Clay’s childhood friend, Skye was an important role in season one even though growing up, they grew
apart. She definitely has an important role this time around as well. She could even possibly be Clay’s
love interest.


The series will produce details to prevent suicide without getting preachy.

Dylan stated that the criticism they faced for season one is that they didn’t drop enough information to
deal with bullying and suicide. He still doesn’t know what the answers could be to that but they’re
definitely going to add scenes that will feature prevention incidents.