50 Cent challenged to a boxing match?!

What’s with all the celebrities getting into fights recently? It started off with Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise and now we’ve got 50 Cent and Adrien Broner. If you don’t know who Adrien is. He’s a professional boxer with multiple world championships in 4 different weight classes. That speaks a lot.

Adrien took to Instagram to share his feud with fifty, claiming fifty had blocked him on Twitter, also using a couple choice words as well. He took to Instagram with a black and white post reading “Hit me up n-a, or when I see you we go rumble”

Fifty also took to Instagram and replied to Adrien’s message using a couple choice words of his own and got a response back with a certain not so friendly emoji finger.

What’s unclear is how Adrien made him loose money in a fight! But it could be the time Adrien lost to Manny Pacquiao back in January, and fifty was on Adrien’s side. Maybe he lost a bet.

Will this fight actually happen, is it friendly banter, or is it an actual feud. Only time will tell.