Ever since the idea of High School Musical having a TV Series emerged, we’ve all been waiting ‘for the start of something new’.

After the original High School Musical trilogy ended over 10 years ago, Disney Channel has been on the works for reviving the franchise. The network has finally begun filming in Sal City, Utah and also announced the new cast who’ll be the East High Wildcats stars.

Joshua Basset will be joining the cast as the lead sweetheart ‘Ricky’ who joins the school play to win over ‘Nina’ a girl in the shadows who finally gets the confidence to take the stage, played by Olivia Rodrigo. The cast also includes Sofia Wylie as ‘Gina’ who thrives hard to take Nina’s place in the play, Matt Cornett as ‘E.J.’ the lovable bad guy (male version of ‘Sharpay Evans’), Dara Renee as ‘Kourtney’ the makeup lover and Nina’s best friend. Other roles also includes the new girl in school, ‘Ashlyn’ played by Julia Lester and ‘Big Red’, Ricky’s best friend who’s also crushed over Nina, played by Larry Saperstein,

The 10 episode TV series revolves around the young teenagers who are in the journey to figuring out their lives and roles in high school while joining the winter theatre production. It will be filmed in a documentary style format seen before in shows like The Office and Modern Family.

So get ready for some teenage drama at East High on the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series premiering later this year.