Billie Eilish was ASLEEP during the VMAs!

Billie Eilish may have won multiple awards at the VMAs this Monday night, but she’s just finding out about them because she slept through the entire show. And it’s cause of this kind of reliability is why her fans love her so much. She’s currently on her world tour, working on merch, slaying the front pages of magazines, and you know, just basically taking over the music world one step at a time. She was to perform in Russia and so obviously she was nowhere near the VMA’s which was taking place in New Jersey. But what’s really hilarious about Billie’s absence is that she actually didn’t know she won until the next morning. She posted on Instagram that quote, “I was asleep in russia for the awards lmao but maaaan thank you @vmas so so so much lub you” After winning her awards, the show played a prerecorded message from Billie in which she thanked all of her fans for their support and love.

And Billie was nominated for nine awards this year, taking home three of them for her first VMA wins ever. Which is amazing by the way. As mentioned on Billie’s post she won for Best New Artist, Best Editing, and Push Artist of the year. And fans are literally thriving off of Billie’s post on Instagram. And to top all of it off, the music video for “Bad Guy” was edited by Billie herself on iMovie, and she won a VMA for best editing, just let that sink in a bit. It’s insane! She obviously deserves all the credit too, because it is indeed and amazing song and music video