‘Black Mirror’ drops creepy new Season 5 trailer and has Miley Cyrus in it?

The wait is finally over! The Emmy Award winning series is back with a new season. Netflix’s hit TV series; Black Mirror just released the trailer for the upcoming Season 5.

It’s super creepy, as it should be and it features Miley Cyrus.

Black Mirror is a series that shows people dealing with emotions and technology in a supposedly near future.

And the trailer for Season 5 featuring Cyrus, Anthony Mackie (Falcon from the MCU) includes many familiar scenes like smartphones, creepy robots, miserable and disturbed people and their lives.

In one of the scenes, which is an episode called ‘Smithereens’, a man going through a disturbed mentality is been seen and how his violence is generated by the presence of smartphones.

Another scene features another episode titled ‘Striking Viper’ which stars Marvel’s Avengers superhero Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who played Black Manta in DC’s Aquaman is a Marvel and DC crossover. Just kidding. It’s not. The scene shows a family man (Mackie) struggling with his role in the world. He seems to have some secret with him.

Now for the most interesting scene of em all which happens to be an untitled episode, features a robot and Miley Cyrus who later on is dressed up just like the robot. The scene also captures how the robot could be the one to destroy the soul of a person.

Black Mirror is set to launch the season with 3 new episodes on June 5.

See trailer here.