Cardi B could face jail time!

Cardi showed up at court in New York City on the 25th of June to plead not guilty for an alleged brawl at a certain club she visited back in August 2018. The charges were two counts of felony and attempted assault.

She took to social media to tell her fans that “I ain’t going to jail, I got a daughter” which is her 11 month baby Kulture who she shares with her husband Offset. However her lawyers say that she might be facing about 8 years in prison, depending on what happens in the court room.

Julie Rendelman, a criminal attorney in New York City explain that Cardi had been charged with multiple counts. Both which are counted as E felonies, which are the lowest possible felonies in New York City. If she is convicted, she could be looking at a maximum probation period or at least 4 years’ incarceration.