Ellen DeGeneres… Not So Generous??

It’s come to that point in life where we ask ourselves, was my life a lie?

Here’s the tea on Ellen Degeneres; for years now there have been accusations of Ellen being anything but nice for instance according to Variety, crew members had little to no transparency about the status of their pay or continued employment and this story is the cherry on top to many other unfortunate incidents. There are some sources that even claimed that she banned crew members eating food that are remotely smelly, like fish.. I mean..okayy..

And how could we forget that time Dakota Johnson made an appearance in her show and Ellen completely forgot that she was invited to her Christmas party, oopsies!

The show is also rumored to have its last dance soon but that’s when Ellen’s crew was quick to deny the rumors.

But oh well…

Gigi Hadid Finally Talks About Her Pregnancy!!

It literally feels like we’ve been waiting forever for her to give birth to a little golden baby who could probably be compared to a Greek God, I even bet you even forgot she was pregnant!

Gigi pulled a Kylie Jenner on us and somehow hid her pregnancy for over 6 months but when TMZ confirmed the news everyone was in search for a baby-bump on her page but nope… we got nothing.

She was pretty quiet about the pregnancy but she finally acknowledged it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she  fangirled about her and Zayn becoming parents although they did wish they could’ve announced the news instead. She also admitted she was a couple months pregnant when she was on a legit runway back in February for fashion month. Oh like a true model indeed.

Let’s just say that we can expect her to give birth to an angel sent from heaven in September and till then…

We shall wait!

Kim Kardashian Dethrones Kylie Jenner!!

The Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s seem to be one-upping each other as time goes on.

Just as we know it, Kylie was stripped off of her billionaire title but still continues to strive alongside Kim’s beauty empire which after signing a new deal with Coty Inc. had officially outgrown Kylie Cosmetics! 

Now Kylie hadn’t spoken about this on social media yet but Kanye being Kanye decided to post a heart-warming picture of a tomato with a rose and a couple other veggies and flowers expressing how proud he is. A for effort Kanye!

Ironically enough, Forbes has *once again* denied Kim being a billionaire and claimed she has a net worth of $900 Million… and *once again* it doesn’t really make much of a difference considering the fact that she owns 14 Freesian horses where one horse costs up to $600,000. Oh and little North West has one too…

What better way to end this other than sharing one of my favorite tweets:

“very cool Kim, my last apartment had 14 gorgeous mice”

How Beyoncé Had Saved Us All!

Beyoncé has officially cured us from our quarantine blues; she’s releasing new music!

Better yet, a whole visual album, Black Is King, is based on the music from Lion King. Queen Bey did it *once again* like a true boss as she wrote, directed and executive produced the film which is set to debut on the 31st of July on Disney+.

The album has been in production for over a year now and I can confidently say that we could expect Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrel Williams, Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter and so much more.

With all the tragedy surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement, Beyoncé’s visual album is a celebratory memoir for the melanin kings and queens; a story for melanin kings and queens highlighting culture and shared generational beliefs.

Here’s a glimpse of what her announcement looked like;

“Black Is King is an affirmation of a grand purpose with lush visuals that celebrates resilience and culture…”

Hands down, Bey is truly an uplifting queen and we *literally* cannot wait till the 31st of July.

Everything You Need To Know About Adele’s Album!!

Just a quick reminder that it’s literally been 5 whole long years since Adele dropped her album 25 which featured the iconic song that’s been stuck in everybody’s head Hello.

Now Adele has served us with teasers where she almost broke the internet back in February when she told everyone to expect an album in September.

I’m pretty sure we saw this coming but her album has been unfortunately held back although I’ve got some great news for you! She has definitely been working on many songs and for what we’ve heard; her album is going to be better than ever aaand different!

Considering her divorce with her husband Simon who she has been with for 7 years, her manager mentioned that her album is not going to be focused on heartbreak but a wide range of emotions and her experiences as a mother.

Johnathan, her manager also added:

“The album isn’t coming on September…It’ll be ready when it’s ready”

It’s okay queen, all good things take time and as long as we’re getting that album, it’s all good!

Cardi B Disses Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat And More!?

What’s the rap industry without a little rivalry right? And if there’s anything Cardi B knows more than spittin’ rhymes is how to put up a good fight!

For those who might not know, a finsta is an Instagram account which is usually used to shade people in private and there were recent allegations against Cardi that she did have one….And I oop!

According to some fans, Cardi’s sister and hairstylist followed her alleged finsta and of course Cardi wouldn’t throw shade around without her hairstylist right? Apparently she dissed many of our favorites including Nicki the barbie, Ariana Grande, Meghan Thee Stalion, Doja Cat.

All jokes aside, Cardi B had debunked all rumors saying she has nothing against these striving artists and has no beef against them whatsoever. She also ranted about how it’s so tiring to have to explain herself constantly but woah…

The shade is real… or is it?

Tyga Hits On Zendaya?!?

And that is exactly what Tyga did! After shooting his shot with Zendaya, fans were trolling him with claims that he doesn’t stand a chance.

Let’s fangirl over Zendaya real quick. We all know that she’s an out of this world fearless boundary-pushing queen who constantly serves fashion crazy looks on the daily which is why the internet protects her at all costs. Now you can’t blame Tyga for spittin’ some game but doing so in a very public platform is probably not the best of ways.

This all started when Tyga dropped his latest song ‘Vacation’ and took it to Instagram with the caption “Tag someone you wanna take on vacation! @zendaya”. The comments started flooding as many of the fans called him out on his sloppy game and to make things worse and obvious, Tyga decided to change the caption and slide the failed attempt under the rug as if it never happened.

Better luck next time Ty, have you heard f private dm’ing?

Angelina Jolie Discloses Why She Left Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and broke all of our hearts including the cute Brangelina moments that stuck around Hollywood for over a decade? Yep.

Clearly us fans are still not over the celebrity break up considering the fact that Angie didn’t fill us in with much of the details of her split but now she’s finally sharing her side of the story including her reasons to why she did it.

In a new interview with Vogue India, Angelina revealed that their separation was for the well-being of their six children and shows no regret of her decision. She also spoke about the beauty of motherhood and how she prioritizes the healing of her children knowing that they’re exposed to the media feeding them lies to which she adds:

“I remind them that they know their own truth and their own minds”

I’m sure we all can agree that Angie spoke like a true mom since everyone is in a much better place now.

Way to go Angie!

Did Lil Nas X Run A Fanpage Of Nicki Minaj?

Of course we all know that Barbz are the names of Nicki Minaj’s fans but here’s the question, did Lil Nas X really shy away from being a Barb? And the answer to that is yes.

Rumors *and evidence* has it that Lil Nas X actually in fact ran a fanpage of Queen Nicki. Wait a minute… why would he lie about not being a Barb when he ran a fanpage on her?

Well, to keep things short, he admitted to twitter that he wasn’t quite ready to come out of the closet and felt mildly ashamed assuming the internet would’ve dragged him for it butttt it turned out pretty positive because the queen herself, Nicki Minaj, responded to his tweet saying it’s okay and she’s glad he’s finally embracing himself. Aww…

However, what especially caught my attention was the song proposal he threw at Nicki…

We need Lil Nas X and The Barbz Queen to collaborate ASAP!

Kylie Jenner’s Baby Stormi Got Her Very First Vogue Cover?!

Yep. Little Stormi, got very first Vogue cover all in lock down. Let that sink in.

Stormi Webster is one of the cutest celebrity kids we’ve seen and surely Vogue Magazine agrees with that since her and Kylie had landed themselves on the most recent cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia straight from the comfort of Kylies new $36.5 million mansion.

It was a virtual cover shoot with the help of photographers and an iPhone lens. Take notes girls. The angelic cover photo was taken during a video call with Kylie and Stormi and is apart of the bedtime story cover-shoot. Tiny Stormi Webster just proved she can already walk in her mother’s footsteps and she is just a toddler.

The 2 year old is ballin’ and I’m sure we all can agree on how cute she looks on Vogue!!