The Baddest & The Richest: Kanye West Is Officially The Highest Paid Musician Of 2020

How ironic is it that when sister-in-law Kylie Jenner gets dethroned from her title, Kanye West earned a title of his own not only as the highest paid musician of 2020 but also the second-highest paid celebrity overall, according to Forbes annual list.

Most artists on the list made a large percentage of their income from touring around the country, let alone most parts of the world and that certainly would not be the case for this year for obvious reasons. However what made up the bulk of West’s income is the crazy popular (…and expensive) sneaker collection line, Yeezys. But from Kanye to Jay Z and Drake to Rihanna and Taylor Swift, he isn’t the only one in on the hustle as all of them had made it on the top 20 of the list!

 Check out the top 10 for yourself!

  1. Kanye West – $170 million
  2. Elton John – $81 million
  3. Ariana Grande – $72 million
  4. The Jonas Brothers – $68.5 million
  5. The Chainsmokers – $68 million
  6. Ed Sheeran – $64 million
  7. Taylor Swift – $63.5 million
  8. Post Malone – $60 million
  9. Rolling Stones – $59 million
  10. Marshmello – $56 million

Well wasn’t that a shocker. 

Kylie Jenner gets dethroned from her “Billionaire” title?!

Kylie Jenner crowned the “Youngest Self-made Billionaire Ever” last year has got into a bit of hot mess when Forbes posted a massive report where they revealed that Kylie Jenner is actually not a billionaire.

Let’s take it back to March 2019 when Forbes reported that the estimates of Jenner’s company is worth at least $900 million where they even quoted that “she’s the youngest-ever self-made billionaire reaching a 10 figure fortune at a younger age than even Mark Zuckerberg” and ever since Kylie Jenner has made multiple features on the Forbes Magazine. It is however, pretty ironic how things escalated since then considering Forbes latest report with the headlines “Inside Kylie Jenner’s Web of Lies & Why She’s No Longer A Billionaire”…ouch!

And in the most recent reports, Forbes has mentioned that Kylie has been hiding some ugly truth where calculations show that she has actually been inflating her numbers to make it appear that she is richer than she actually is! Well if that isn’t harsh enough, they’ve also called Kylie’s business “significantly smaller & less profitable”… double ouch!!

Obviously, it didn’t take that long for Twitter fans to jump into the action, there were tweets ranging from facts to funny but we’re going to leave this off on a high note with one of my favourite relatable tweets..

“u guys..she’s still richer than us.. imma go finish of my cup of noodles now thx”

Major Emmy Moments

Well the Emmys are over,  the red carpet has been rolled up, the trophies have been given away, and tuxedo shops all over are having a busy day as people return their rentals. But we have to break down the all the biggest, shocking, and funny moments you may have missed from the show. So this year’s show had no host, but opened with Homer Simpson who almost lived his impossible dream. Luckily Anthony Anderson briefly took over before he had Bryan Cranston open the show to talk about the power of television. At one point he says “50 years later and television still transports us to far away places, like Winterfell, the Upside Down, even Paradise.” Later in the show, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert addressed the whole no host thing, and they did a whole bit about how this has gone too far. And Stephen Colbert then made a good point that made us chuckle.

Now if you watched the Emmys, or even if you didn’t, you’ve probably heard by now that the audience laughed at Kim and Kendall on stage. It happened as they were introducing the outstanding competition series,  and it was extremely uncomfortable to watch because the audience laughed, but I don’t think Kim and Kendall were in on the joke. However, even though everyone is talking about that moment. Also we noticed something that no one is really talking about. Kim almost fell on stage. As Kim and Kendall were walking to present, Kim trips over her dress and if you blink, you might miss it. Surprisingly, only a few people managed to see the stumble, but to be fair she played it off well. Looks like she’s been hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence a little too much.

Miley EXPOSES Liam Hemsworth

Once Upon a Time Miley and Liam were together in Malibu heaven, but now in her new single ‘Slide Away’, Miley is singing in a very different tune and it’s kinda sad. There are some pretty incriminating lyrics in her new song and though Miley hasn’t put out an official statement confirming that the song was written about Liam, it’s pretty hard to imagine that it’s not In the pre chorus Miley sings “I want my house in the hills. Don’t want the whiskey and pills.”

This sounds like a reference to their Malibu home being burnt down last year, which was really hard on the couple. But in relationships it’s often a two way street so maybe she is saying that they both negatively influenced each other’s decisions. The two started dating almost immediately and have been on and off for the past 9 years. And after her little rendezvous with Kaitlynn last week, there’s been a petition circulating to get Liam to be the next bachelor.

Jason Isaacs Playing Star Trek Captain

Harry Potter villain Jason Isaacs is the latest Star Trek captain.

He’s leading a cast that includes Martin-Green, Michelle Yeoh, Anthony Rapp, Doug Jones, and James Frain.

Isaacs announced the news in a tweet that featured a picture of the captain’s chair on the Starship Discovery and the quirky caption “looks comfy”.

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in America later this year.

Be As You Are – Mike Posner

Still Falling For You – Ellie Goulding

Niall Horan at number one on Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart with “This Town,”

Niall Horan storms in at No. 1 on the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart with “This Town,” his first solo single.

Niall also released a live “1 Mic, 1 Take” video for the song on Vevo and YouTube. The clip has ballooned to more than 6.4 million global views on YouTube.

Meanwhile The Chainsmokers’ enormous success in 2016 continues with “All We Know,” featuring Phoebe Ryan, which darts to a No. 4 debut.

The collaboration is the EDM duo’s fifth Top Tracks entry and Ryan’s first, following four previous charting entries on Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists.

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