Celebs that didn’t think before they inked

We all have that moment we do something and either instantly regret it or regret it later on. But most of the time you forget it. But when it’s a tattoo, it’s pretty much on you. Forever.
So here are a couple celebs that didn’t really think before they inked.

  1. Dove Cameron

She recently revealed that she has a tattoo for her ex Ryan McCartan, she got the tattoo of Ryan’s astrological sign. But later on instead of covering it up. She just decided to change the meaning of it completely.

  1. Justin Bieber

We know that Justin doesn’t shy away from getting tattoos at all, in fact he’s covered in em. But the one that’s got us talking isn’t a new one at all. It’s the tattoo o his wrist he got of an angle to resemble his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. He’s tried to cover it up with shading but the fans know who it’s about.

  1. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

They might’ve only been together for a short period of time but they didn’t waste any time in getting tattoos of each other on their bodies. Pete has a tattoo of Ariana Grande’s dangerous woman symbol on his neck and Ari has a tattoo of Pete’s dad’s badge number. But the most recent tattoo is what’s got us talking. She got a Japanese tattoo on her palm which was supposed to read “Seven Rings” but because she missed out a couple letters, it reads “Japanese BBQ finger” No! We’re not kidding. We wish we were though.