Chris Brown and Drake Face-Off in a Dance Battle!

Well we’ve waited the “No Guidance” music video to drop since Chris Brown’s album “Indigo” dropped. In the music video, Chris and Drake face off in an underground club to see who can out-dance the other. If we’re talking about Breezy we already know that he is a phenomenal dancer and has definitely got the moves to back up his words, but in Drake’s case, well let’s just say we’ve seen the music video for “Hotline Bling”

But hey, it’s all in good fun and it ends with Drake saying that Chris is in fact the “Real deal”. It’s not bad at all considering the two did have a bit of heat in the previous years. Fans have been waiting for this music video to drop for a while. And with all the teasers and photos posted on social media, the fans really expected it to be really epic. And it was. I mean we’ve got Drake and Chris Brown having a dance battle. That’s not something you get to see on the daily.

Check out the video for ‘No Guidance’ right here.