Deadpool and Spidey?

The MCU just keeps getting better and better by the second! One of the newest
additions to the Marvel Universe is “Spider-Man: Far from home”, and there are
reports that we could expect a “Deadpool 3” or a Deadpool appearance in the
future “Spider-Man 3”!

What’s absolutely clear is that Marvel has a golden ticket here, and it would be a
massive let down not to bring Deadpool into the MCU. Considering
how Endgame concluded, we probably won’t get to see Deadpool and Iron Man
team up, which probably would have been the most awesome pairing EVER! Then
again, this is Marvel, so we might still see these two interact in some way.

Also, there is a rumor saying that the third Spider-Man installment is in the works
at Marvel, which would be Tom Holland’s sixth MCU movie.