Demi Lovato’s Getting Engaged?!

I’m pretty sure those who were stuck in quarantine made sure to endure it with your significant other at least for a short period of time and that is exactly what Demi Lovato did as she accidentally popped into her significant others’ Instagram Live the other day while he was singing to his fans.

Now who is this mystery man? Well his name is Max Ehrich and he seems to be relatively cool for Demi to voluntarily hole up in a house with him during self-isolation, so let’s do some digging.

For those who hadn’t heard of him, he doesn’t really like to be in the public eye anymore as he had got plenty of that during his teenage years. If you hadn’t guessed it by now, he played the role of Adam in an episode of Nickelodeon series iCarly! And for all we know, maybe the soulmates first bumped to each other as kids since Demi at that age, used to star as Sonny from Disney series Sonny With A Chance. Really brings us down memory lane doesn’t it?

However he doesn’t only act as he’s also recognized as a soap opera singer! Impressive isn’t it? And to a certain extent, he could be a poet too considering some of his captions on Instagram. 

It’s no doubt that Demi Lovato is extremely happy with him as the couple had apparently been dating since March and things have been growing pretty serious during the isolation period as sources say that Max is planning on proposing to her in a couple months after the whole pandemic thing is resolved! We have even heard that he’s so excited that he’s already started designing an engagement ring!!

Can we expect a wedding anytime soon? It would be safe to say no given the circumstances but either way, here’s a toast to the lovebirds!