Diplo in adult time-out?!

If you follow Diplo on Instagram you know that he live streamed the wedding festivities of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner on the 1st of May in Las Vegas. But following this incident, Joe and Sophie actually had a second wedding on the 30th of June. You would think that he wouldn’t be invited back to their second wedding after the incidents of the first one, but surprise!

He was. But this time around he wasn’t allowed to bring his phone in to where the wedding was taking place. And to top all of that not only was he not allowed to bring his phone with him, but he was put in a holding cell during the entire ceremony. He did share a picture of what he wore to the wedding, but there wasn’t any live streaming this time around. Was just thinking how he must’ve felt while being in a full suit and tie and trapped in a holding cell for the whole wedding. That’s something you don’t see everyday.