Emma Watson and Tom Felton might be a thing

Harry Potter stans and shippers gather round and brace yourselves because Dra-mione might actually be a thing. All these years later and potter-heads dreams might be coming true. The idea of Dramione is loved by some fans and hated by others. Draco was awful to Hermione throughout the entirety of her years at Hogwarts, so we get why some people hate it. But while Hermione and Draco, were nemeses on screen, the two have been longtime BFFs off screen, so we’ve been shipping these two for years. And we might be in for a treat because, while there is no confirmation of an actual romance, Felton and Watson have been spending a suspicious amount of time together.

Tom posted this pic of him and Emma on Instagram, and while the picture alone would usually make my head spin, it’s the details that make the Dramione shipper in every harry potter fan almost explode.They look extremely cozy together in South Africa while wearing their actual pajamas as Tom teaches Emma how to play the guitar. Which obviously sparked about a thousand questions in everyone’s mind like…Why are they in South Africa together? Are they working on another movie together? Did they have a sleepover? Why else would they be in pajamas together Who took the picture? Or was this a cute self timer moment?