Every Record Avengers: Infinity War Has Broken At The Box Office

Here’s Every Record ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Just Broke at the Box Office


Biggest Domestic Opening

At $258,184,000, “Infinity War” now holds claim to the biggest domestic opening of all time. The previous record holder was “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at $247,966,675. We can’t imagine anyone at Disney is losing sleep over that record being broken.


Biggest Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in North America

Looking at individual days, “Infinity War” set several new records for domestic gross. Its Thursday night numbers weren’t quite enough to beat reigning champ “Jurassic World.” However, in terms of “pure Friday” numbers (which ignore Thursday night screenings), “Infinity War” topped “Jurassic World.”

“Infinity War’s” $83 million haul on Saturday was enough to handily beat “Jurassic World,” while its $69 million Sunday gross beat previous record holders “Black Panther” and “The Force Awakens.”


Biggest Worldwide Opening

“Infinity War” proved a huge hit overseas, as well, even though the film hasn’t opened yet in Russia or China. Its global first weekend total reached $640 million, nearly $100 million more than “The Fate of The Furious” managed in 2017.

The film also broke opening weekend records in a number of countries, including Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.


Biggest Opening for a Superhero Movie

“Infinity War” also claims the record for the biggest opening weekend for a superhero movie, both domestically and worldwide. The original “Avengers” was the previous record holder domestically, while “Batman v Superman” was the previous global champ.


Biggest April Release

As if “Black Panther” hadn’t already shattered the myth that you can’t earn summer blockbuster money during the winter and spring months, “Infinity War” lent further fuel to that fire. It now boasts the biggest opening weekend of any April release, beating out “Furious 7.”

These numbers are impressive, but with Marvel Studios planning its superhero lineup through at least 2025, there will be plenty of chances for them to break these records all over again.