Everything You Need To Know About Adele’s Album!!

Just a quick reminder that it’s literally been 5 whole long years since Adele dropped her album 25 which featured the iconic song that’s been stuck in everybody’s head Hello.

Now Adele has served us with teasers where she almost broke the internet back in February when she told everyone to expect an album in September.

I’m pretty sure we saw this coming but her album has been unfortunately held back although I’ve got some great news for you! She has definitely been working on many songs and for what we’ve heard; her album is going to be better than ever aaand different!

Considering her divorce with her husband Simon who she has been with for 7 years, her manager mentioned that her album is not going to be focused on heartbreak but a wide range of emotions and her experiences as a mother.

Johnathan, her manager also added:

“The album isn’t coming on September…It’ll be ready when it’s ready”

It’s okay queen, all good things take time and as long as we’re getting that album, it’s all good!