Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Tie The Knot in Las Vegas right after Billboard Music Awards

There are two types of brothers in the Jonas family.

One brother, who shuts down an entire jewelry store to purchase the perfect $200K for the love of his life, rents a palace for the wedding, hires top end fashion designers to create the most elegant wedding dress and invites a massive amount of people to several expensive ceremonies. Totally referring to Nick Jonas.

Then you get the other brother. Joe Jonas, very randomly decided to tie the knot with his long time fiancée, Sophie Turner in Las Vegas where they visited to attend the Billboard Music Awards. With a very few close family and friends, they had a very small and quick wedding at a wedding chapel. The ceremony took place right after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and was presided by an Elvis impersonator.

Very little details were shared. Not even many pictures to be found, other than a video taken of Diplo’s live stream of the wedding. The ceremony looked simple and beautiful, with Turner dressed in white with a veil and Joe in a dashing suit. Diplo went on to add dog filters and more to while the vows and ring exchange happen.

The wedding ceremony was a brief event and so far, there aren’t any pictures or videos for the fans to enjoy. But it’s about time, the couple lets us feast on their good looks and the eventful ceremony.