Katy Perry and Taylor Swift finally make amends

During and interview with an Australian magazine Katy Perry mentioned that it was a bit of a challenge to make amends with Taylor Swift. It all started when she sent Taylor an actual olive branch along with a note apologizing for the mistakes and feuds in the past. And also the two kept running into each other and events, and decided it was time they buried the hatchet. Perry told the magazine further that when she ran into Swift she said;  “Hey it’s been a long time and I thin we’ve both grown up a little bit, and I just wanted to say I’m sorry and I’m really here for you, and that I love you, and you know, I hope that we could be friends in the future”.

To make it even better, Taylor came up with the idea to include Katy in her music video for “You need to calm down”. Let’s really hope they stay friends and maybe collaborate as well in the near future.