Katy Perry In Trouble For Using Copyrighted Music!

Katy Perry’s hit song “Dark Horse” might’ve made her a lotta cash, but now, it might end up costing her even more out of pocket funds.

After losing a lawsuit that cost her entire record label a whopping total of $1.2 Million after it found “Dark Horse” guilty of ripping off a tune from a Christian rapper named Flame. The federal judge in Los Angeles. also ordered Perry to pay over $550,000 to the rapper, suing all eight songwriter that worked on “Dark Horse” for stealing the tune called “Joyful Noise”. Katy’s record label,

Capitol Records, was also very defendant, in which they had to put forth the $1.2 million.

It looks like Flame will be jetting off on a nice vacation to the Hawaii or the Maldives with a total winnings of $2.7million from all defendants. The jury ordered that “Joyful Noise” was responsible for 22.5% of “Dark Horse’s” profits.The jury finally came to the decision after two days of testimony about how much Katy’s hit and the album “Prism” have earned since its release date, Perry earning $3.2million, while Capitol brought in $31M. The same jury then reached the final verdict that Katy Petty and her entire posse improperly copied the grammy nominated Christian rap track, more specifically its continually repeated musical rhythm in the middle of the tracks. Do you think Katy ripped off the track or is Flame reaching a little too far on this one?