Kristin Stewart Portraying Got The Role Of Royalty!

As we all know, Kristin Stewart basically grew up conquering wolves and vampires alongside Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, so what role could possibly be considered an upgrade for her? Oh well, that’s right! The role of royalty!

There’s a brand new movie about the great late Princess Dianna and apparently it’s going to be titled Spencer which is Princess Di’s last name before getting married to Prince Charles.

It’s pretty fascinating how a member of royalty decides not to be queen and reach a decision to live her own life, it’s somewhat like a fairytale upside down and that is exactly the heart of the movie! So it’s not as surprising when you find out that the plot of the movie is not going to focus on her death but her rocky marriage with Prince Charles.

Naturally there are people online who threw a little bit of a tantrum but the films director, Pablo Larrain, spoke very highly of Kristin Stewart calling her one of the great actors around the day with the combination of mystery, fragility and strength…woah

From playing Bella to the royal princess, Kristen Stewart REALLY makes it work.