Kylie Jenner’s Baby Stormi Got Her Very First Vogue Cover?!

Yep. Little Stormi, got very first Vogue cover all in lock down. Let that sink in.

Stormi Webster is one of the cutest celebrity kids we’ve seen and surely Vogue Magazine agrees with that since her and Kylie had landed themselves on the most recent cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia straight from the comfort of Kylies new $36.5 million mansion.

It was a virtual cover shoot with the help of photographers and an iPhone lens. Take notes girls. The angelic cover photo was taken during a video call with Kylie and Stormi and is apart of the bedtime story cover-shoot. Tiny Stormi Webster just proved she can already walk in her mother’s footsteps and she is just a toddler.

The 2 year old is ballin’ and I’m sure we all can agree on how cute she looks on Vogue!!