Liam Pyane says Cherly is the most important person in his life

You know how the old saying goes, “you never know what you had until it’s gone”. That’s especially true when you’ve had it for three years, and even had a baby with it. And Liam Payne is now discovering. Liam might have let it slip that he misses his ex Cheryl Cole, despite having a new girlfriend. At least, that’s what he said in his upcoming documentary interview special, titled “Ant Middleton & Liam Payne: Straight Talking” The special program follows extreme adventurer Ant Middleton and Liam on their journey to Southern Africa as they live off the land and talk openly and honestly about Liam’s career and relationships. The whole show comes out on November 12th, but we got to see a sneak peek on Ant Middleton’s youtube page. And in the clip, we got some pretty juicy quotes from the former One Direction member turned solo artist.

In the clip that we saw online, Liam looks back at his relationship with English singer Cheryl Cole and their  breakup. The two dated for 3 years from 2015 to 2018, right after One Direction formally split up. She and Liam also had a son named “Bear Grey Payne” who was born in 2017. They apparently broke up in July of 2018 due in part to the hardships that came from their busy, conflicting schedules as well as the 10 year age gap between them. Cheryl is 36 years old and Liam is 26. But a year and a half after their breakup, Liam apparently is still not over it. In the documentary, he talks about becoming a father and how that affected his relationship with Cheryl. He said, “Becoming a dad at such a young age, it’s such a difficult thing. And I think I built fatherhood up so much in my head that it kind of messed me up to start with. I started in a bad place with it.” No dad is perfect, so don’t be too hard on yourself Liam. But we understand how that can be a lot of stress on him.