Louis Tomlinson SLAMS One Direction Scene In ‘Euphoria’ Again!

As Louis Tomlinson gets ready to prepare for the release of his debut solo album in early 2020, he’s reached some hardships along the way. And in a recent interview with The Guardian, Louis revealed how Euphoria negatively impacted his past year. “The break up, hiatus or whatever word we use rocked me. I wasn’t ready for it. I felt like I was getting to be a better songwriter, singer, a more confident performer, and all of a sudden, when I felt I was finally getting some momentum …” He also tells them of the days where being a member of the most famous boy band in the world got a bit  to be too much for him. One of those stories involves his trip to Australia and a local news station that got a helicopter and a photographer to attempt to take photos of him while he was alone in his top floor hotel room. Talk about total invasion of privacy. And some of that pressure still happens today, almost four years after One Direction’s break up.

Louis also talked briefly about the Larry Stylinson conspiracy theory that had plagued his career as a boy band member. Those rumors came from thousands of fans who shipped him and his band mate Harry Styles as a romantic couple. In fact, he still faces those rumors today. He said that he ticked off when HBO had a recent episode of Euphoria featuring an animated scene of him and Harry Styles, being a bit more closer than they usually would be. Louis already expressed that he was upset about the episode when it first aired. To which Louis responded, “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it.”