Major Emmy Moments

Well the Emmys are over,  the red carpet has been rolled up, the trophies have been given away, and tuxedo shops all over are having a busy day as people return their rentals. But we have to break down the all the biggest, shocking, and funny moments you may have missed from the show. So this year’s show had no host, but opened with Homer Simpson who almost lived his impossible dream. Luckily Anthony Anderson briefly took over before he had Bryan Cranston open the show to talk about the power of television. At one point he says “50 years later and television still transports us to far away places, like Winterfell, the Upside Down, even Paradise.” Later in the show, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert addressed the whole no host thing, and they did a whole bit about how this has gone too far. And Stephen Colbert then made a good point that made us chuckle.

Now if you watched the Emmys, or even if you didn’t, you’ve probably heard by now that the audience laughed at Kim and Kendall on stage. It happened as they were introducing the outstanding competition series,  and it was extremely uncomfortable to watch because the audience laughed, but I don’t think Kim and Kendall were in on the joke. However, even though everyone is talking about that moment. Also we noticed something that no one is really talking about. Kim almost fell on stage. As Kim and Kendall were walking to present, Kim trips over her dress and if you blink, you might miss it. Surprisingly, only a few people managed to see the stumble, but to be fair she played it off well. Looks like she’s been hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence a little too much.