Niall Horan Celebrates One Billion Streams on Spotify for Flicker

Niall Horan’s solo career seems to be amazing as his debut solo album ‘Flicker’ reached one billion streams on Spotify.

Niall spent 18 months working on his solo record and he is thrilled that it has resonated with fans.

He wrote on Instagram: ”I just found out that my album ‘Flicker’ has just got to 1 billion streams . This is an album that I spent 18 months making . It’s an album that I put all of myself into . It was an emotional experience , it was a lot of long long hours grafting In the studio and trying to get as much out of myself as possible . The way that this album has been received has been incredible . Thank you so much to you all for taking it under your wing and making it your own . Thank you @spotify.”