Shawn Mendes Is Off Social Media?!

We know that Shawn Mendes is really dedicated to connecting with his fans on social media, so much so that he actually went ahead and got a tattoo inspired by a fan tweet. But apparently he is off the grid right now The Mendes Army’s instinct was to go immediately to his social media profiles,and when they did that they were still there, so WHAT GIVES? Why is Shawn saying he deleted his social media? But thankfully, this is kind of fake news with an emphasis on KIND OF!

At a recent pre-concert Q&A, Shawn revealed that just a few days ago he actually deleted the Instagram and Twitter apps off his phone and as of right now his manager is charge of all his social media activity. But obviously there are people out there wondering if Shawn’s social media hiatus has anything to do with his steamy filled pictures of him and Camila Cabello surfacing online and breaking the internet.

 It’s possible all the news just got to be too much for him because the pictures did leave many people thinking whether or not the relationship was just a publicity stunt.