#SiaIsOverParty Viral On Twitter?!

Never ever confuse two rappers or get in between two fandoms because if you do, the internet will come out to get you! And unfortunately Sia learnt that the hard way since she mixed up Cardi B for Nicki Minaj! How could she…

Over the weekend twitter was doing its thing where fans tweeted at Sia asking her when she’s going to collaborate with Nicki the Barbie. We have to agree that was a good question however, Sia’s reply though….not very much since she tweeted back at the fan saying she loved *Cardi B* and she would love to collaborate with her any day!

Now Sia collaborating with either one of the rappers is really not that big of a deal since both of them are pretty awesome but the little mix up did cause a twitter riot probably fueling up some old drama between Nicki and Cardi since we all know they aren’t really on their best of terms hence explains the #SiaIsOverParty that had gone viral this week. 

As it seems neither Nicki nor Cardi has responded to what’s gone down but Sia has apologized explaining that she enjoys the both of them very equally and that there’s a lot more things to worry about and join hands for than start drama all over again and I couldn’t have agreed more!

Alllthough…a little new music with Sia and one of the two rappers wouldn’t hurt, could we expect new singles?