The Quarantine Hairdo: Miley Cyrus Has Come To The Gram With A Joe Exotic Haircut

Miley Cyrus has finally hopped on board the crazy-self-hairdo train. Now Miley is definitely no stranger to altering her style so it’s pretty safe to say that she is a fashion chameleon but her recent haircut is definitely noticeably different. What made the transformation even more buzz-worthy is that her hairstylist revealed that it was actually the stars mom who did the snipping!

Apparently the process was recorded and a video that was shared online showed Mileys mom in a facemask while her hairstylist demonstrates it and gives Momma Cyrus directions through the phone where it appeared that Miley stayed perfectly still and calm to avoid any unnecessary chopping of her new hair-do to which the media calls it a ‘Pixie Mullet’…or in other words ‘The Joe Exotic Haircut’.

Mileys followers seemed to be impressed with the trend leaving comments like “Iconic! Punk Rock Queen!!” while the others weren’t entirely quite sure writing “Joe Exotic + Quarantine = Miley Cyrus” at least they have the answers to whats going on meanwhile the rest of us have questions like ‘Why the Joe Exotic look?’

Although we’re pretty sure most of us who did do our hair alone has ended up with the same look…