Taylor Swift’s lookalike at the VMAs?!

At the VMAs John Travolta mistook ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star Jade Jolie for Taylor Swift at the VMAs, but he wasn’t the only one! Taylor’s longtime friend Gigi Hadid did the exact same thing! Jade said quote, “I got tired of saying, ‘No, I’m not her,’ so I just started hugging people! ‘So nice to meet you, too!’ And at the after-party Gigi Hadid kept thinking I was Taylor, they’re really good friends. The drunker we got, I guess the more Taylor I became for everyone!” And it definitely looked like Gigi was getting in the VMA spirit with her sister Bella all night. So we can’t really blame her I guess.

And Jade also said that Taylor herself thought the whole thing was pretty funny. She said “We told Taylor, and she was tickled and thought it was so funny. She joked and was like, ‘You totally should have went for it!’ It was a very sweet and flattering mistake. And I like to think I did my job right and looked just like Taylor.”