Taylor Swift’s stalker arrested

A super obsessed Taylor Swift fan has been arrested for stalking after climbing on the roof of her New York Penthouse.

The stalker, named Mohammed Jaffar, has first attempted to meet Taylor last December, when he arrived at Swift’s apartment and requested a meeting with her, and was told to leave.

But Jaffas has turned up at Swift’s flat a further four times over the next two months, and managed to enter the building on 6 February.

CCTV footage allegedly caught him in the hallway directly outside Swift’s apartment door, and also on the roof of the building from 10am to 2pm that day.

On another occasion, Jaffar rang Swift’s doorbell for an hour straight, before returning the next day and ringing it again for a further 45 minutes.

Jaffar’s campaign to meet Swift allegedly extended to him calling the singer’s management company 59 times between 27 January and 16 February demanding to be put in touch with her.

Jaffar was arrested on 6 March on stalking and burglary charges and was held on a $20,000 bond.

Judge David Frey signed off on an order of protection against Jaffar, which prevents him from making any contact with the singer.