The Bieber Wedding Ceremony!

After postponing over and over again, it looks like Justin and Hailey Bieber finally having a wedding celebration date on lock down, and it’s coming up pretty soon! Though they technically got married in private, they have had plans for a big celebration with friends and family, but that celebration was put on hold multiple times. From what our sources have gathered, it was in the wake of Justin’s mental health struggles. Back in March, a source told, “Justin and Hailey will still have a wedding eventually, but this is not their focus right now. They haven’t sent out any new Save the Dates. They will wait until Justin feels better and is excited about planning their wedding again.” However, it’s just reported that the couple is ready to go ahead with the wedding celebration and are planning it some time in September

Unfortunately we don’t have any details yet on whether or not the celebration will take place in the U.S. or in Canada. Who knows, maybe it’ll take place in both locations! Because you know, our invite probably must have got lost in the mail or something.