Tyga Hits On Zendaya?!?

And that is exactly what Tyga did! After shooting his shot with Zendaya, fans were trolling him with claims that he doesn’t stand a chance.

Let’s fangirl over Zendaya real quick. We all know that she’s an out of this world fearless boundary-pushing queen who constantly serves fashion crazy looks on the daily which is why the internet protects her at all costs. Now you can’t blame Tyga for spittin’ some game but doing so in a very public platform is probably not the best of ways.

This all started when Tyga dropped his latest song ‘Vacation’ and took it to Instagram with the caption “Tag someone you wanna take on vacation! @zendaya”. The comments started flooding as many of the fans called him out on his sloppy game and to make things worse and obvious, Tyga decided to change the caption and slide the failed attempt under the rug as if it never happened.

Better luck next time Ty, have you heard f private dm’ing?