YouTube star Jake Paul calls out Justin Bieber

Unfortunately, when nobody asks, Jake Paul delivers. Although the world was sadly disappointed last week when Justin Bieber publicly called out Tom Cruise to challenge him in an MMA fight, but later said he wasn’t actually serious, in comes Jake to let the world know that he’s not just all talk when it comes to fighting celebs.

TMZ caught up with the YouTuber where he revealed that he’ll absolutely throw hands with literally ANY famous person who wants a challenge, but under one condition: they have to “pull up” to his own home.

After rattling off a bunch of celebrities’ names that could probably TKO me with just one look, AKA pro fighter Deontay Wilder, Jake revealed that he will, in fact, fight ANYONE that shows up to his house… now this is a fight I’d be willing to “pull up” on.

But lucky for Jake, the likelihood Wilder actually does show up is slim to none because 1. That would be like a shark chasing its prey inside a blowup baby pool, and 2. According to Jake, QUOTE, “When it’s actually time, no one’s gonna pull up.”

He actually may have a point considering Justin Bieber quickly backed down, like, a day after he threatened Mr. Mission Impossible himself. Although I have to hand it to Jake, who took a fight last year with fellow YouTuber Deji and won by way of TKO in the fifth round.

Jake’s infamous brother Logan Paul also actually DID fight a random dude who “pulled up” to his home looking for a beatdown, and got the you-know-what beat out of him in Logan’s backyard. Oh, and it’s on camera in case you needed a quick Monday morning pick-me-up